Story of Rameshwar Jyotirlinga

 There is a legend about Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga. That when Lord Shri Ram was going to Ayodhya after liberating Sita from Ravana's captivity, at that time he stopped and rested on the Gandhamdan mountain on the way. After resting, he came to know that the sin of destroying the sage Pulastya clan is here. To avoid this curse, they should worship Lord Shiva by establishing a Jyotirlinga at this place.   After knowing this, Lord Shri Ram requested Hanuman to go to Mount Kailash and bring Shivling. Hanuman went to Mount Kailash after receiving the orders of Lord Rama, but he could not see Lord Shiva there. On this he chanted Lord Shiva carefully. After which Lord Shiva was pleased and appeared to him. And fulfilled the purpose of Hanuman ji.   Here Hanuman ji was delayed due to penance and to please Lord Shiva. And on the other hand Lord Rama and Goddess Sita keep waiting for the auspicious time for the establishment of Shivling. Due to the fear of missing the auspicious

What is hydrogen bomb ?

 Hydrogen bomb is a type of atomic bomb.  A hydrogen bomb or H-bomb is a more powerful nuclear bomb.  It requires hydrogen isotopes deuterium and triterium.  The fusion of atoms causes a bomb to explode.  The temperature for this fusion is very high, about 500,00,000°C.  is required.  This temperature is much higher than the temperature of the hottest part of the Sun.  Such a high temperature can be achieved only by an atomic bomb.  The US, England, Russia, China and India tested the hydrogen bomb.  It is believed that North Korea has also made such a dangerous bomb.

 Hydrogen atoms fuse when the atomic bomb produces the required heat.  This fusion produces heat and powerful rays that convert hydrogen into helium.  In 1922 AD, it was first discovered that the explosion of a hydrogen atom can generate a lot of energy.

 In 1932, heavy hydrogen named deuterium was invented and in 1934, heavy hydrogen called triterium (tritium) was invented.  In 1950, the President of the United States of America, Truman, ordered the preparation of a hydrogen bomb.  For this, a large factory was established in South Carolina in 1951 AD.  In 1953, President Eisenhaber announced that a hydrogen bomb equivalent to millions of tons of TNT was ready.  In 1955, the Soviet Union tested the hydrogen bomb.  China and France have also detonated hydrogen bombs.