Story of Nageshwar Jyotirlinga

 A story is famous in relation to Nageshwar Jyotirlinga.  According to the legend, there was a merchant who believed in Dharma Karma.  He had unparalleled devotion to Lord Shiva.  Even after being busy in business work, he used to spend whatever time he had in worship, worship and meditation.  A demon named Daruk got angry with this devotion.  Being of demonic nature, Lord Shiva did not like him at all.   The demon was always in search of such an opportunity, that how he could obstruct the devotion of the merchant.  Once he was going somewhere on a business boat by merchant boat.  The demon saw this, and taking the opportunity, attacked the boat.  And took the passengers of the ferry to the capital and imprisoned them.  Even in captivity, the merchant used to regularly worship Lord Shiva.   Even in the prisoner's house, when the news of Shiva worship of the merchant reached that demon, he felt very bad.  In a fit of anger, he reached the merchant in the prison.  The merchant

Story of Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga

According to mythology, this Jyotirlinga was brought here by Lankapati Ravana.  It has a very interesting story.  Ravana was a great devotee of Lord Shankar.  According to Shiva Purana, once to please Lord Shiva, Ravana went to the Himalaya mountain and started doing severe penance by establishing a Shiva Linga.  Lord Shankar was not pleased even after doing penance for many years, then Ravana decided to sacrifice his head to please Shiva.  While worshiping, Dashanan Ravana cut off his nine heads one by one and offered it to the Shiva Linga, when the tenth head was about to be cut, Lord Shiva appeared there and asked Ravana to ask for a boon.  When Ravana got the desired boon, he requested Lord Shiva that he wanted to take him with him to Lanka.  Shiva told Ravana that he could not go with him.  If he wants, he can take this Shivling.  Lord Shiva allowed Ravana to take away the Shivling, which he worshiped while offering nine heads.  While carrying the Shivling, Shiva told Ravana that do not keep this Jyotirling on the ground anywhere on the way, otherwise it will be established there.  Lord Vishnu did not want this Jyotirlinga to reach Lanka, so he requested Ganga to join Ravana's stomach.  As soon as the Ganges reached Ravana's stomach, the desire to urinate became strong inside Ravana.  He started thinking that after handing over the Shivling to someone, he had a small doubt, then Lord Vishnu appeared there in the guise of a cowherd.  Ravana, seeing that cowherd boy, handed him the Shivling and instructed him not to keep it on the ground.  When Ravana started urinating, his desire for urine was not ending, in such a situation, Ravana took a long time and the child got extinct by keeping the Shiva Linga on the ground.  When Ravana came back, despite making lakhs of efforts, Shivling did not budge from there, in the end Ravana had to return to Lanka empty handed.  Later all the deities came and worshiped this Jyotirlinga and duly installed it.