Story of Nageshwar Jyotirlinga

 A story is famous in relation to Nageshwar Jyotirlinga.  According to the legend, there was a merchant who believed in Dharma Karma.  He had unparalleled devotion to Lord Shiva.  Even after being busy in business work, he used to spend whatever time he had in worship, worship and meditation.  A demon named Daruk got angry with this devotion.  Being of demonic nature, Lord Shiva did not like him at all.   The demon was always in search of such an opportunity, that how he could obstruct the devotion of the merchant.  Once he was going somewhere on a business boat by merchant boat.  The demon saw this, and taking the opportunity, attacked the boat.  And took the passengers of the ferry to the capital and imprisoned them.  Even in captivity, the merchant used to regularly worship Lord Shiva.   Even in the prisoner's house, when the news of Shiva worship of the merchant reached that demon, he felt very bad.  In a fit of anger, he reached the merchant in the prison.  The merchant

Story of Shiva's anger

 Maharishi Bhrigu was the Manas son of Brahma. His wife's name was Khyati who was the daughter of Daksha. Maharishi Bhrigu is a sage of the Saptarishimandal. In Sawan and Bhadrapada, he rides on the chariot of Lord Surya.

 Once upon a time, sages and sages gathered on the banks of the Saraswati river and were discussing this topic, who is the greatest and best among Brahmaji, Shivaji and Shri Vishnu? Seeing no conclusion of this, he decided to test the trinity and appointed Maharishi Bhrigu, the Manas son of Brahma, for this task.

 Maharishi Bhrigu first went to Brahmaji. He neither bowed down nor praised him. Seeing this Brahmaji became furious. His face turned red due to excessive anger. The embers started burning in his eyes. But then thinking that he was his son, he suppressed the impulse of anger in his heart.

 From there Maharishi Bhrigu went to Kailash. Lord Mahadev, Lord Mahadev, saw that Bhrigu was coming, so he got up from his seat pleased and spread his arms to embrace him. But to test him, Bhrigu Muni refused to embrace him and said – “Mahadev! You always violate the limits of Vedas and Dharma. The boons you give to the wicked and sinners cause a terrible crisis on the universe. That's why I will never hug you."

 Hearing his words, Lord Shiva trembled with anger. As soon as he wanted to kill him by lifting the trident, in the same way Bhagwati Sati pacified his anger in some way with a lot of persuasion. After this Bhrigu Muni went to Vaikunth Lok. At that time Lord Vishnu was lying with his head in the lap of Goddess Lakshmi.

 As soon as he left, Bhrigu made a sharp kick on his chest. Lord Vishnu, the devotee-Vatsal, soon got up from his seat and bowing to him and caressing his feet said – “Lord! Did you hurt your leg? Please rest on this asana. God! I was not aware of your auspicious arrival. That's why I couldn't welcome you. The touch of your feet sanctifies the pilgrimages. I am blessed today at the touch of your feet."

 Seeing this love-behavior of Lord Vishnu, tears started flowing from the eyes of Maharishi Bhrigu. After that he returned to the sages and told in detail all the experiences of Brahmaji, Shivaji and Shri Vishnu. Hearing his experiences, all the sages were very surprised and all their doubts were cleared. Since then, considering Lord Vishnu as the best, he started worshiping him.

 In fact, those sages and sages did not create such a Leela for themselves, but only to remove the doubts of human beings.