Story of Nageshwar Jyotirlinga

 A story is famous in relation to Nageshwar Jyotirlinga.  According to the legend, there was a merchant who believed in Dharma Karma.  He had unparalleled devotion to Lord Shiva.  Even after being busy in business work, he used to spend whatever time he had in worship, worship and meditation.  A demon named Daruk got angry with this devotion.  Being of demonic nature, Lord Shiva did not like him at all.   The demon was always in search of such an opportunity, that how he could obstruct the devotion of the merchant.  Once he was going somewhere on a business boat by merchant boat.  The demon saw this, and taking the opportunity, attacked the boat.  And took the passengers of the ferry to the capital and imprisoned them.  Even in captivity, the merchant used to regularly worship Lord Shiva.   Even in the prisoner's house, when the news of Shiva worship of the merchant reached that demon, he felt very bad.  In a fit of anger, he reached the merchant in the prison.  The merchant

Story of Kedarnath jyotirlinga

 There are many stories about Kedarnath Mahadev.

  It is written in Skanda Purana that once when Parvati ji asked Shiva about Kedar region, Lord Shiva told him that Kedar region is very dear to him. He always resides here with his Ganas. He has lived in this area since he took the form of Brahma to create the universe.

  A description of the glory of this place is also found in Skanda Purana that there was a fowler whose deer was very dear to eat. Once it came to Kedar area in search of prey. Even after wandering all day, he could not find the victim. When Narada Muni came to this area in the evening, the fowler from afar, considering him as a deer, agreed to shoot arrows at him.

  By the time he played the arrow, the sun had completely sunk. When it was dark, he saw a snake swallowing a frog. After dying, the frog transformed into Shiva form. Similarly, the fowler saw that a deer was being killed by a lion. The dead deer is going to Shivlok with Shiva Ganas. Fowler was surprised to see this wonderful sight. At the same time, Narad Muni appeared in front of the fowler in the guise of a Brahmin.

  Fahlia asked Narad Muni about these wonderful scenes. Narada Muni explained to him that this is a very holy area. Animals and birds also get salvation when they die at this place. After this, Fowler remembered his sinful deeds that how he had killed animals and birds. Fahlia asked Narad Muni the way of his salvation. After getting the knowledge of Shiva from Narad Muni, he became absorbed in worshiping Shiva by staying in the Fowler Kedar area. After death, he got a place in Shiva Lok. Story of Kedarnath Jyotirling Regarding the story of Kedarnath Jyotirlinga, it is mentioned in Shiva Purana that two brothers named Nar and Narayan made earthly idols of Lord Shiva and were engaged in their worship and meditation. Pleased with the devotional penance of these two brothers, Lord Shiva appeared before them. Lord Shiva asked him to ask for a boon, so out of the spirit of public welfare, he asked Shiva for a boon that he should always be present in this area for the welfare of the people. On his prayer, Lord Shankar appeared in the form of Jyotirlinga in the Kedar area. The story of Pandavas related to Kedarnath is written in Shiva Purana that after the war of Mahabharata, Pandavas were getting atone for the fact that their own brothers and sisters were killed by them. He wanted to get rid of this sin. When he asked Ved Vyas ji the solution of this, he said that the sin of killing the brothers can be eradicated only when Shiva will give freedom from this sin. Shiva was displeased with the Pandavas, so when the Pandavas reached Kashi to see Vishwanath, Shankar did not appear there directly. While searching for Shiva, then the five Pandavas reached Kedarnath. Seeing the Pandavas coming, Shiva took the form of a buffalo and joined the herd of buffaloes. To identify Shiva, Bhima stood by spreading his legs near the mouth of a cave. All the buffaloes started passing through the middle of their feet, but Shiva, who became a buffalo, did not accept to go through the middle of the feet, due to which the Pandavas recognized Shiva. After this Shiva started merging in the land there, then Lord Shankar, who became a buffalo, was caught by Bhima like a back. Lord Shankar appeared after seeing the devotion and determination of the Pandavas and freed them from their sins. The five Pandavas are still worshiped at this place along with Draupadi. Here the worship of Shiva has been going on since then in the form of the back part of the buffalo.