Story of Rameshwar Jyotirlinga

 There is a legend about Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga. That when Lord Shri Ram was going to Ayodhya after liberating Sita from Ravana's captivity, at that time he stopped and rested on the Gandhamdan mountain on the way. After resting, he came to know that the sin of destroying the sage Pulastya clan is here. To avoid this curse, they should worship Lord Shiva by establishing a Jyotirlinga at this place.   After knowing this, Lord Shri Ram requested Hanuman to go to Mount Kailash and bring Shivling. Hanuman went to Mount Kailash after receiving the orders of Lord Rama, but he could not see Lord Shiva there. On this he chanted Lord Shiva carefully. After which Lord Shiva was pleased and appeared to him. And fulfilled the purpose of Hanuman ji.   Here Hanuman ji was delayed due to penance and to please Lord Shiva. And on the other hand Lord Rama and Goddess Sita keep waiting for the auspicious time for the establishment of Shivling. Due to the fear of missing the auspicious

Sudarshan Chakra to Vishnu

 In every picture and idol of Lord Vishnu, he is shown wearing Sudarshan Chakra.  This Sudarshan Chakra was given by Lord Shankar to Lord Vishnu for the welfare of the world.  A story is mentioned in this regard in the Kotirudrasamhita of Shiva Mahapuran.

  Once when the atrocities of the demons became too great, then all the deities came to Shri Hari Vishnu.  Then Lord Vishnu went to Mount Kailash and worshiped Lord Shiva methodically.  They started praising Shiva with thousand names.  Lord Vishnu offered a lotus flower in each name to Shiva.  Lord Shankar then hid a lotus flower from a thousand lotuses brought by him to test Vishnu.

  Vishnu did not know this because of Shiva's illusion.  Finding less of a flower, Lord Vishnu started looking for it.  But the flower was not found.  Then Vishnu took out one of his eyes to fulfill a flower and offered it to Shiva.  Seeing the devotion of Vishnu, Lord Shankar was very pleased and appeared before Shri Hari and asked him to ask for a boon.  Then Vishnu asked for the boon of an invincible weapon to eliminate the demons.  Lord Shankar then gave his Sudarshan Chakra to Vishnu.

  Vishnu killed the demons with that wheel.  In this way the deities were liberated from the demons and the Sudarshan Chakra was forever attached to their form."