Story of Rameshwar Jyotirlinga

 There is a legend about Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga. That when Lord Shri Ram was going to Ayodhya after liberating Sita from Ravana's captivity, at that time he stopped and rested on the Gandhamdan mountain on the way. After resting, he came to know that the sin of destroying the sage Pulastya clan is here. To avoid this curse, they should worship Lord Shiva by establishing a Jyotirlinga at this place.   After knowing this, Lord Shri Ram requested Hanuman to go to Mount Kailash and bring Shivling. Hanuman went to Mount Kailash after receiving the orders of Lord Rama, but he could not see Lord Shiva there. On this he chanted Lord Shiva carefully. After which Lord Shiva was pleased and appeared to him. And fulfilled the purpose of Hanuman ji.   Here Hanuman ji was delayed due to penance and to please Lord Shiva. And on the other hand Lord Rama and Goddess Sita keep waiting for the auspicious time for the establishment of Shivling. Due to the fear of missing the auspicious

ocean churning story

 Once upon a time, Rishi Durvasa was going to Kailash with his disciples to have darshan of Shiva.  On the way he met Devraj Indra.  Indra worshiped Durvasa Rishi and his disciples with devotion.  Then Durvasa blessed Indra and offered Parijata flower of Lord Vishnu.  In the pride of Indrasan, Chur Indra placed that flower on the head of his Airavata elephant.  At the touch of that flower, Airavat suddenly became as brilliant as Lord Vishnu.  He abandoned Indra and went towards the forest crushing that divine flower.

  Seeing the disdain of Lord Vishnu's flower by Indra, Durvasha Rishi's anger knew no bounds.  He cursed Devraj Indra to become inferior to Shri (Lakshmi).  As a result of the curse of Durvasa Muni, Lakshmi left the heavenly world at that very moment and became invisible.  With the departure of Lakshmi, the deities like Indra became weak and weak.  His glory vanished.  Knowing Indra as powerless, the demons attacked heaven and defeated the gods and hoisted their feathers on the kingdom of heaven.

  Then Indra appeared in the meeting of Lord Brahma along with Guru Brihaspati and other deities.

  Then Brahma said – Devendra, Bhagwati Lakshmi has gone away from you in anger because of insulting the flower of Lord Vishnu.  To please him again, you should seek the blessings of Lord Narayana.  With his blessings you will get back your lost splendor.

  Thus Brahma convinced Indra and took him to the shelter of Lord Vishnu.  There Parabrahma Lord Vishnu was seated with Bhagwati Lakshmi.  Devgan praising Lord Vishnu said - Lord, our repeated salutations at your feet.  Lord, for the purpose for which all of us have come under your shelter, please fulfill it.  Due to the curse of the sage Durvasha, Goddess Lakshmi is angry with us and the demons have defeated us and have taken control of heaven.  Now we are in your shelter, protect us.

  Lord Vishnu is Trikaldarshi.  He came to know about the mind of the gods in an instant.  Then he said to the gods - Gods!  Listen carefully to me, because this is the only way for your welfare.  At this time, there is a special grace of Kaal on the demons, so till the time of your rise and the time of the downfall of the demons does not come, you should make a pact with them.

  Along with many divine substances, nectar is also hidden in the womb of Kshirsagar.  Even death is defeated in front of those who drink it.  For this you have to churn the ocean.  This work is very difficult, so take help from demons in this work.  Diplomacy also says that when necessary, enemies should also be made friends.  After that drink the nectar and become immortal.  Then even evil demons will not be able to harm you.

  May the Gods accept whatever condition they put.  Remember that all things are done in peace, nothing gets done by getting angry.  According to the advice of Lord Vishnu, Indra went to Daityaraj Bali with a proposal for a treaty and made him ready for churning the ocean by telling him about the nectar.

  Vasuki Nag was made a rope by setting up Mandarachal in the ocean for churning the ocean.  After that both the parties started churning the ocean to get nectar.  Everyone was churning with great enthusiasm and fervor with the desire to get the nectar.  Suddenly, a terrible poison called Kalakoot came out from the sea.  The fire of that poison started burning in the ten directions.  There was an outcry among all the creatures.

  All the gods and demons started burning with the flame of that poison and their radiance started to fade.  On this everyone together prayed to Lord Shankar.  On his request, Mahadev ji kept that poison on his palm and drank it, but did not allow it to come down from the gorge.

  Due to the effect of that Kalakoot poison, the throat of Shiva turned blue.  That is why Mahadev ji is called Neelkanth.  A little poison dripped from his palm on the earth, which was consumed by poisonous animals like snakes, scorpions etc.

  After consuming the poison by Lord Shankar, the churning of the ocean started again.  The second gem Kamdhenu cow came out which was kept by the sages.

  Then the Uchchaisrava horse came out which was kept by the demon king Bali.  After that the Airavat elephant turned out to be accepted by Devraj Indra.

  After Airavat, Kaustubhamani emerged from the ocean and was kept by Lord Vishnu.  Then Kalpadrum came out and an Apsara named Rambha emerged.  Both of them were kept in Devlok.

  Later, Lakshmi ji emerged from churning the sea.  Lakshmi ji herself took Lord Vishnu as a boon.  After that Varuni appeared in the form of a girl who was accepted by the demons.  Then one after the other the moon, the Parijat tree and the conch came out, and finally Dhanvantari Vaidya appeared with a drop of nectar."