Story of Nageshwar Jyotirlinga

 A story is famous in relation to Nageshwar Jyotirlinga.  According to the legend, there was a merchant who believed in Dharma Karma.  He had unparalleled devotion to Lord Shiva.  Even after being busy in business work, he used to spend whatever time he had in worship, worship and meditation.  A demon named Daruk got angry with this devotion.  Being of demonic nature, Lord Shiva did not like him at all.   The demon was always in search of such an opportunity, that how he could obstruct the devotion of the merchant.  Once he was going somewhere on a business boat by merchant boat.  The demon saw this, and taking the opportunity, attacked the boat.  And took the passengers of the ferry to the capital and imprisoned them.  Even in captivity, the merchant used to regularly worship Lord Shiva.   Even in the prisoner's house, when the news of Shiva worship of the merchant reached that demon, he felt very bad.  In a fit of anger, he reached the merchant in the prison.  The merchant

Kuber's ego

 This is a mythological story. Kuber was the richest one in the three worlds. One day they thought that we have so much wealth, but few people know about it. So he thought of organizing a grand banquet to showcase his wealth. All the deities of the three worlds were invited in it.

  Lord Shiva was his presiding deity, so he reached Kailash to seek his blessings and said, Lord! Today I am the richest of the three worlds, all this is the result of your grace. I am going to organize a banquet at my residence, please come along with your family to the banquet.

  Lord Shiva removed the ego of Kubera's mind, said, Vatsa! I don't go out anywhere. Kuber started babbling, Lord! Without you my entire event will go waste. Then Lord Shiva said, there is one way. I will ask my younger son Ganapati to go to your banquet. Kuber returned satisfied. At the appointed time, Kuber organized a grand feast.

  Lords of the three worlds had arrived. Finally Ganapati came and said as soon as he came, I am very hungry. Where is the food. Kuber took them to a room which was decorated with food. Food was served in a gold plate. Within a moment all the food served was over. The food was served for the second time, they ate that too. Food was served again and again and within a moment Ganesha would devour it.

  Within a short time, the food prepared for thousands of people was over, but Ganpati's stomach was not filled. They reached the kitchen and ate all the raw material kept there, even then the hunger did not go away. When everything was over, Ganapati said to Kubera, why did you invite me when you didn't have anything to feed me? Kuber's ego was shattered."