Story of Rameshwar Jyotirlinga

 There is a legend about Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga. That when Lord Shri Ram was going to Ayodhya after liberating Sita from Ravana's captivity, at that time he stopped and rested on the Gandhamdan mountain on the way. After resting, he came to know that the sin of destroying the sage Pulastya clan is here. To avoid this curse, they should worship Lord Shiva by establishing a Jyotirlinga at this place.   After knowing this, Lord Shri Ram requested Hanuman to go to Mount Kailash and bring Shivling. Hanuman went to Mount Kailash after receiving the orders of Lord Rama, but he could not see Lord Shiva there. On this he chanted Lord Shiva carefully. After which Lord Shiva was pleased and appeared to him. And fulfilled the purpose of Hanuman ji.   Here Hanuman ji was delayed due to penance and to please Lord Shiva. And on the other hand Lord Rama and Goddess Sita keep waiting for the auspicious time for the establishment of Shivling. Due to the fear of missing the auspicious

Kaal Bhairav ​​incarnation of Lord Shiva

Kaal Bhairav ​​full form of Lord Shankar

 Once, sitting on Mount Sumeru, the gods went to Brahmaji and requested him to tell him the indestructible element. Enchanted by the illusion of Shiva, Brahmaji, not knowing that element, started saying like this - I am the self-born, unborn, only God, eternal devotion, Brahma Ghor Niranjan soul, who created this world.

  I am the foundation of nature and retirement, the omnipresent complete Brahman. Brahma ji did this, but Vishnu ji, who was present in the sage's circle, explained to them that by my permission you have become the creator of the universe, how are you talking about your dominance by disrespecting me?

  Thus Brahma and Vishnu started establishing their dominance and started quoting scripture sentences in support of their side. When it was finally decided to ask the Vedas, then the four Vedas who came in the form respectively expressed their opinion in this way -

  Rigveda - Within which all beings are contained and from which everything emerges and that which is called Paramatva, is only a Rudra form.

  Yajurveda - By which we are also certified by the Vedas and who is worshiped with all the sacrifices and yogas of God, He is the one Shiva who is the seer of all.

  Samaveda - One who deceives all the worldly beings, whom Yogis seek out and in whose way the whole world is illuminated, he is the one Trimbak Shiva.

  Atharvaveda - Whose devotion is realised and all those who are past happiness and sorrow are eternal Brahman, they are only one Shankar ji.

  Describing this statement of the Vedas as Pratap, the Digambar Pitvarna Dhuli Dhusrit Prem Nath, Kuveta Dhari, Sarva Vestit, Vripan Wahi, Nisang, who were constantly enamored with Shiva, refused to accept Shiva as Brahman. On hearing the Brahma-Vishnu dispute, Omkar told Shiva's light, eternal and eternal Parabrahma, but still the intellect of Brahma Vishnu, who was fascinated by Shiva's Maya, did not change.

  At that time such a huge flame appeared between them without any beginning that Brahma's fifth head started burning from it. In the meantime, when the trident indigo-lohit Shiva appeared there, out of ignorance, Brahma started asking him to come under his shelter considering him as his son.

  Hearing all the words of Brahma, Shiva became very angry and immediately appeared to Bhairav ​​and ordered him to rule over Brahma. Following the order, Bhairav ​​cut off the fifth head of Bramhaji with the fingernail of his left finger. The frightened Brahma took refuge in Shiva while reciting the Shata Rudri. Both Brahma and Vishnu realized the truth and started singing the glory of Shiva. Seeing this, Shiva became calm and gave protection to both of them.

  After this, Shiva made him the ruler of Kashipuri by giving him the name of Kaal Bhairav ​​and Kaal Bhairav ​​being the one who immediately destroys the sins of the devotees, being the one who fears Bhairav ​​and Kaal because of his fierceness. Then said that Bhairav, believing in this Brahma Vishnu, wearing the skull of Brahma and taking alms from his shelter, go to Varanasi. There, by the influence of that city, you will be freed from the sin of killing Brahma.

  By the order of Shiva, as soon as Bhairav ​​ji walked towards Kashi with a skull in his hand, the killing of Brahma followed him. While praising him, Vishnu asked him for a boon that he should not be fascinated by his illusion. When Vishnu ji wanted to ask Maya for chasing Bhairav ​​ji to kill Brahm, then Brahm Hatya told that she is following Bhairav ​​to make herself pure and free.

  As soon as Bhairav ​​ji reached Kashi, he dropped his tongs and skull and fell on the earth and since then the place has been named Kapalmochan Tirtha. By going to this pilgrimage, performing ritualistic Pind Daan and offering God-Pitru-Tarpan, one gets rid of the sin of killing Brahma.