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Saturday, May 22, 2021

Rigveda -Samhita - First Mandal- Suktam 46, 47, 48

Rigveda -Samhita - First Mandal- Suktam 46

 [Sage- fermenting ferment. Deity - Ashvinikumar. Chand - Gayatri]

 This beloved apurva (supernatural) goddess Usha destroys the sky of the sky. O Ashvinikumaro, a partner in the work of Goddess Usha! We praise you with great hymns

 Hey Ashvinikumaro! You are the destroyer of enemies and the originator of rivers. You are going to give immense wealth to those who act judiciously.

 Hey Ashvinikumaro! When your chariot reaches the sky like birds, then hymns are recited for you in the heavenly heaven.

 Hey Devpurusha!

Water dryers, Pitarupa, Karyadrashta Suryadev (provided by us) satisfy you with the wind, that is, Suryadev is sacrificing in the great yagna of nature by producing ananadi material for nourishment.

 Untrue, O utterances who speak the word, O God! Follow this Somras, which inspires your intellect and enhances your struggle power.

 Hey Ashwinikumaras! Provide us the nutritious food which is going to illuminate the darkness of our life.

 Hey Ashwinikumaras! Both of you employ your chariot and come to us. With your superior wisdom, let us cross the ocean of sorrows.

 Hey Ashwinikumaras! The means of your transportation extend beyond the dulok (range of).

(You have speed in all the three worlds.) Rivers and pilgrimage areas also have your resources, (even on earth) the chariot is ready for you. (You are able to reach by any means.) Somaras have been prepared for you here by thoughtful deeds.

 Mon, prepared by Kanva Vansho, is full of divinity. Aishwarya is placed on the banks of rivers. Hey Ashvinikumaro! Where do you want to display your look now? ॥९॥

 O Sun God with amritamayi rays! Swarnaulatiya is being manifested by his aura. At the same time, Shyamal Agnidev has published a special with Jwalarupa Jihva. Hey Ashvinikumaro! This is the time of your departure. 

 Crossing the darkness from the dulok, the distinctive brilliance has begun to appear, which has well illuminated the path of the yajna. So hey Ashvinikumaro! You should come

 O deeptiman (of Yajmano) residing in the mind, soothing Ashvinikumaro! Those who reside near Yajman, who take excellent care like Manu (O Ashvinikumaro!

 Hey Ashwinikumaras! Goddess Usha is following behind the beauty of both of you who are moving around. You also perform yagyas at night.

 Hey Ashvinikumaro! You should drink both Somers. Protect us without laziness and give us happiness.


 Rigveda- Samhita - First Mandal -Sukta 47

 [Sage- fermenting ferment. Deity - Ashvinikumar. Chhanda - Baharta Pragath (Vishama Brihati, Samasato Brihati).]

 O Ashvinikumaro, who expands Yajna Karma! In this yajna, you should eat very sweet and refined somaras a day before. Offer Yajman the jewel and opulence 419

 Hey Ashvinikumaro! Come here with three circles (triangles), three gracefully decorated chariots. In the Yagya, the descendants of Kanva, you offer prayers to both of them with mantras, listen to their call.

 O Enemy, Yagya Vardhak Ashvinikumaro! Drink a very sweet somerset. Today, after donating money in a chariot, the followers come near Yajman.

 O omniscient Ashvinikumaro! You should perform the Yagna by placing it on the Kush-Asan, which is placed at three places. You invoke both of them by wishing heaven, Kanva descendant Soma.

 O Ashvinikumaro, who feeds on the auspicious actions that increase the sacrifice You can protect us well with the desired protection and means by which you can protect us from these resources and drink the presented Soma rasa.

 O Ashvinikumaro, who used to be furious for the enemies, he took food to Sudas by holding the money in the chariot. In the same way, by bringing in space or seas, provide the wealth desired by many people to us.

 O true supporter Ashvinikumaro! Whether you are far or near, from there, come to us with the sun signs in the best moving chariot.

 Hey Devpurusho Ashvinikumaro! You should bring both your horses near Somayag, which will enhance the yagna. For the priests doing good deeds and giving donations, you should sit on the seats of both the kusha while filling the grain.

 O true supporter Ashvinikumaro! The chariot with which Surya-like Tejashwi has always been bringing money for the donor priests, for the same chariot, you should go for sweet Somaras paan.

 O rich people, Ashvinikumaro! For our protection we repeatedly invoke you with hymns and prayers. In the Yagya Sabha of the Kanva dynasty, you have always been performing Sopan.


 Rigveda -Samhita - First Mandal -Sukta 48

 [Sage - fermenting ferment. God - Usha. Chhanda - Baharta Pragath (Vishama Brihati, Samasato Brihati).]

 O Akashputri! May you appear in front of us with the best glorious, donating, riches and great opulences, that is, we are getting your grant-grace.

 Usha, which provides blessings to cattle, blessed with horse, cow etc. (animals or transmitted and nutritious rays), has been published for the welfare of the natural. Hey! Provide us with suitable wealth wealth with welfare promises.

 The goddess Usha, who has already resided, should still be seen driving the chariots. Just like those who wish for gemstones, they are inclined towards the sea; In the same way, we look forward to the arrival of Goddess Usha.

 Hey! At the time of your arrival, the stotra who is engaged in donating his mind and money, at the same time, the very meritorious Kanva sings praiseworthy hymns of those people.

 When the goddess Usha, who follows her well like a perfect housewife woman, has come, she makes the weak ones powerful, motivates the toes to do the deeds and motivates the birds to be active.

 Goddess Usha inspires everyone's mind to do deeds and wealth also motivates the desire for effort. This Jeevan Datri Devi Usha is constantly moving. O Annadatri! Birds do not sit in their ghouls when you are published.

 O Goddess Usha also connects remote countries with the sun's rise. This fortunate Shalini goddess Usha moves towards the human world by hundreds of chariots.

 The whole world sees these goddess Usha and bow down and bow down to her. Prakashika, the best guide, Goddess Usha, the daughter of sky-rich Goddess, removes our enemies who are hurting.

 O Akashputri! May you be published everywhere by Ahmadpradi Deepti. Bring our desired heaven-pleasing good fortune and remove the misfortune as 

 Hey way When it rises, you become the basis of life of the world's souls. The one with the unique wealth, he is anxious! You should come from your big chariot and listen to our call.

 Hey Ushadevi! Increase various food items for humans. The priests who perform your praises, be satisfied with these good deeds of theirs and inspire them towards Yagya Karmas.

 Hey! Bring all the Gods from space here for sompan. Provide us with the wealth and confirmed food containing horse, cow, 

 Goddess Usha, whose glowing rays are displayed, that goddess Usha should get the coveted, best, pleasing wealth for all of us.

 O Best Ushadevi! The ancient sages used to call you for food and protection. Accepting our hymns, full of fame and glory, 

 O Goddess! You have opened both the gates of the sky with your light. Now you should provide us with food, spacious accommodation and milk-filled food items.

 O Goddess! You should fill us with full corpus with great wealth, with cows. Goddess who provides food, O Goddess! Combine us with food by giving us a force to kill the enemies.

Bhagvadgita - chapter 1- The yoga of the Despondency of arjuna

What did the sons of Pandu and also my people do when they had assembled together,

eager for battle on the holy plain of Kurukshetra, O Sanjaya?

Having seen the army of the Pandavas drawn up in battle array, King Duryodhana then

approached his teacher (Drona) and spoke these words:

Behold, O Teacher, this mighty army of the sons of Pandu, arrayed by the son of

Drupada, thy wise disciple!

Here are heroes, mighty archers, equal in battle to Bhima and Arjuna, Yuyudhana,

Virata and Drupada, of the great car (mighty warriors), “Drishtaketu, Chekitana and the valiant king of Kasi, Purujit, and Kuntibhoja and Saibya, the best of men, The strong Yudhamanyu and the brave Uttamaujas, the son of Subhadra (Abhimanyu, the son of Arjuna), and the sons of Draupadi, all of great chariots (great heroes).

Know also, O best among the twice-born, the names of those who are the most

distinguished amongst ourselves, the leaders of my army! These I name to thee for thy information.

Thyself and Bhishma, and Karna and Kripa, the victorious in war; Asvatthama, Vikarna,

and Jayadratha, the son of Somadatta.

And also many other heroes who have given up their lives for my sake, armed with

various weapons and missiles, all well skilled in battle.

This army of ours marshalled by Bhishma is insufficient, whereas their army,

marshalled by Bhima, is sufficient.

Therefore, do ye all, stationed in your respective positions in the several divisions of

the army, protect Bhishma alone”.

His glorious grandsire (Bhishma), the eldest of the Kauravas, in order to cheer

Duryodhana, now roared like a lion and blew his conch.

Then (following Bhishma), conches and kettle-drums, tabors, drums and cow-horns

blared forth quite suddenly (from the side of the Kauravas); and the sound was tremendous.

Then also, Madhava (Krishna), and the son of Pandu (Arjuna), seated in their

magnificent chariot yoked with white horses, blew their divine conches.


Hrishikesa blew the “Panchajanya” and Arjuna blew the “Devadatta”, and Bhima, the

doer of terrible deeds, blew the great conch, “Paundra”.

Yudhisthira, the son of Kunti, blew the “Anantavijaya”; and Sahadeva and Nakula blew

the “Manipushpaka” and “Sughosha” conches.

The king of Kasi, an excellent archer, Sikhandi, the mighty car-warrior, Dhristadyumna

and Virata and Satyaki, the unconquered, Drupada and the sons of Draupadi, O Lord of the Earth, and the son of Subhadra, the


all blew their respective conches!


The tumultuous sound rent the hearts of Dhritarashtra’s party, making both heaven and

earth resound.

Then, seeing all the people of Dhritarashtra’s party standing arrayed and the discharge

of weapons about to begin, Arjuna, the son of Pandu, whose ensign was that of a monkey, took up

his bow and said the following to Krishna, O Lord of the Earth!

In the middle of the two armies, place my chariot, O Krishna, so that I may behold

those who stand here, desirous to fight, and know with whom I must fight when the battle begins.

For I desire to observe those who are assembled here to fight, wishing to please in battle

Duryodhana, the evil-minded.

Being thus addressed by Arjuna, Lord Krishna, having stationed that best of chariots, O

Dhritarashtra, in the midst of the two armies, In front of Bhishma and Drona and all the rulers of the earth, said: “O Arjuna, behold

now all these Kurus gathered together!”

. Then Arjuna beheld there stationed, grandfathers and fathers, teachers, maternal uncles,

brothers, sons, grandsons and friends, too. (He saw) fathers-in-law and friends also in both armies

The son ofKunti—Arjuna—seeing all these kinsmen standing arrayed, spoke thus sorrowfully, filled with

deep pity.

Seeing these, my kinsmen, O Krishna, arrayed, eager to fight, My limbs fail and my mouth is parched up, my body quivers and my hairs stand on end!


The (bow) “Gandiva” slips from my hand and my skin burns all over; I am unable even

to stand, my mind is reeling, as it were.


O Kesava! I do not see any good in killing my kinsmen in


For I desire neither victory, O Krishna, nor pleasures nor kingdoms! Of what avail is a

dominion to us, O Krishna, or pleasures or even life?

Those for whose sake we desire kingdoms, enjoyments and pleasures, stand here in

battle, having renounced life and wealth.

Teachers, fathers, sons and also grandfathers, grandsons, fathers-in-law, maternal

uncles, brothers-in-law and relatives,

These I do not wish to kill, though they kill me, O Krishna, even for the sake of dominion

over the three worlds, leave alone killing them for the sake of the earth!

By killing these sons of Dhritarashtra, what pleasure can be ours, O Janardana? Only sin

will accrue by killing these felons.

Therefore, we should not kill the sons of Dhritarashtra, our relatives; for, how can we be

happy by killing our own people, O Madhava (Krishna)?

Though they, with intelligence overpowered by greed, see no evil in the destruction of

families, and no sin in hostility to friends,Why should not we, who clearly see evil in the destruction of a family, learn to turn

away from this sin, O Janardana (Krishna)?

In the destruction of a family, the immemorial religious rites of that family perish; on the

destruction of spirituality, impiety overcomes the whole family.

By prevalence of impiety, O Krishna, the women of the family become corrupt and,

women becoming corrupted, O Varsneya (descendant of Vrishni), there arises intermingling of


Confusion of castes leads to hell the slayers of the family, for their forefathers fall,

deprived of the offerings of rice-ball and water.


By these evil deeds of the destroyers of the family, which cause confusion of castes, the

eternal religious rites of the caste and the family are destroyed.

We have heard, O Janardana, that inevitable is the dwelling for an unknown period in

hell for those men in whose families the religious practices have been destroyed!


Alas! We are involved in a great sin in that we are prepared to kill our kinsmen through

greed for the pleasures of a kingdom.

If the sons of Dhritarashtra, with weapons in hand, should slay me in battle, unresisting

and unarmed, that would be better for me.

Having thus spoken in the midst of the battlefield, Arjuna, casting away his bow and

arrow, sat down on the seat of the chariot with his mind overwhelmed with sorrow

Friday, May 21, 2021

Mahabharath - part 16- Peacemaker lord shree krishna

 Dharmaraja Yudhishthira, being the lord of seven Akshauhini army, agreed to do battle with the Kauravas. First Lord Krishna went to Duryodhana, the supreme wrath, as a messenger. He told King Duryodhana, the lord of eleven Akshauhini army- 'Give half the kingdom to Rajan Tum Yudhishthira or give him only five villages or else fight with him.'

Listening to Shri Krishna, Duryodhana said- 'I am the tip of the needle. I will not give land equal to that, yes, I will definitely fight with him. ”Having said this, he was determined to take Lord Krishna captive. At that time, Lord Shri Krishna frightened Duryodhana in the Rajya Sabha by having a vision of his supreme evil form.

 Then Vidur took God to his house and worshiped and greeted the Lord. He then returned to Yudhishthira and said- 'Maharaj, fight with Duryodhana', the armies of Yudhishthira and Duryodhana went into the field of Kurukshetra. Seeing the fathers Bhishma and Acharya Drona, etc., in their opposition, Arjuna was overcome by war, then Lord Shri Krishna said to him - “Partha Bhishma etc. Gurujanas are not worthy of mourning. The body of man is perishable, but the soul is never destroyed. This soul is Parabrahma. 'I am Brahman' - thus you understand that soul. Follow Kshatradharma, taking shelter of Karmayog by remaining equal in the accomplishment and imperfection of the work. " On the saying of Shri Krishna, Arjuna became angry and incurred war. They made conch shells. The first father in Duryodhana's army was Bhishma Senapati. The commander of the Pandavas was Shikhandi. Heavy war broke out in both of them. The warriors of Bhishmashit Kaurava side started attacking the Pandava-side soldiers in that war and the brave Kaurava-soldiers of Pandava-side like Shikhandi started targeting their arrows. That war between the Kaurava and the Pandava-army looked like the Devasur-Sangram. The war seemed very pleasing to the gods who stood and watched in the sky. Bhishma fought for ten days and killed most of the army of Pandavas with his arrows.


Gurucharitra - storytelling of lord Dattatreya - chapter 5- Defeat of gods from demons and return to heaven with the blessings of God '

 The Guru said to the disciple, "Garg sage told Arjuna that there was a demon named Jambhasur on the ground. He conquered all and conquered the kingdom of the earth. He became invincible with a vision. When he did not do so, he gathered all the demons together and marched to heaven. He was brave and mighty in battle. The gods went to Indra and reported the situation to him. The demons began to run away from the battlefield, and Jambhasura turned his back on the demons, reassured them, and fought with the gods again. He went ahead and defeated the gods. They were tired but ashamed to run away. Without going. Indra Vajra began to break the bodies of the demons. Vajra began to break his head. They started falling from the vehicles. Hands and feet began to break. Jambhasara was stabbed to death.

However he is a hero and stood up fast. He waged war and devastated Indra. And made the gods flee. With a loud roar, he declared victory. Then he went to Amravati with all the giants. Sitting on Indra's throne, he began to call himself Indra. By sending the gods to the abyss, he himself took the authority of the Ashtadvikapalas and gained dominion over the Trilokya and began to enjoy the sacrifices. Wherever the gods hid, the demons caught them. Eventually the remaining heroes went into the cave and hid. Without it, they have no place. All the gods came to Jupiter and began to express their sorrow to them humbly. "Guru, what is our condition? What is our speed now? We have lost our strength and intellect because we have no enemy. Go up to the mountain, where the Goddess Atrikumar Sridatta resides, he protects the Tapodhan Paramatma refugees, he will have mercy on you as a miserable refuge.

He will give it to the one who has patience in his heart. You should be ready to serve him immediately.

After listening to the Guru's words, he came to Dev Datta's ashram, bowed at the Guru's feet and stood up with devotion. He was happy to see the beautiful idol beyond the hands reaching up to the knees, the eyes wide with charm, the eyes wide with a beautiful lotus-like face. Sridatta had taken the naked girl on his lap and was repeatedly kissing her lovingly. Digambar himself is blind and he was inviting a woman named Anagha to drink. He looked intoxicated. Seeing his appearance, the gods bowed down to him from afar. Sridatta ignored them. He started walking, God started walking, he stood up, God stood up, he sat down, we sat down and bowed again and again. It's been a long time. Sridatta did not even question them. Then the gods cursed themselves with grief. He said that we do not have the power of heat or devotion. So this Bhaktavatsal is neglecting us. Now this is our decision, let's put the body here. We will stay here until we find this Lord on both sides.

So the gods settled there without leaving the place. When he became firm, Dattadev spoke. "Why did you leave heaven and come here? Why is your face flushed? Did anyone hit you?" He has conquered the heavens by worshiping Shuklacharya, where the kingdom of the demons has settled, where is our way now? We are servants, now destroy the enemy without delay, you alone burn this universe at the time of the flood, then what time is it to destroy the demons? You are our support, and now we are strong in your footsteps.

Sridatta replied, "I have become corrupt by eating and drinking from a woman's mouth. I am addicted to alcohol and I have no control over it. That is why I have become like this. You have come to me in vain. Go back. I have become corrupt by eating and drinking from a woman's mouth. What will happen to me now? This is what comes to my mind. How can I move from sin to sin if I do not grieve for Dharma? " The substance that is created by Maya means we are possessed, and the word corrupt means life, temptation and delusion is wine, the soul tastes it, the soul tastes it, you are a free God, you have no distinctions and paragraphs, just as you are free from sin, so your power is free from sin. Your knowledge is an integral part of you. There is no sin in touching Vipra or Chandala by the rays of the sun. It is also your power. Are for other people. The wise will not insist on it. "Datta said,""If this is decided with the mind, then the sorrow will go away. You will definitely get a good speed. Now you go quickly and fight the enemy and bring him here. I will weaken them in a moment."  Going in front of the enemy, he started the war.  When the giants beat him bravely, the gods fled from there.  As soon as the demon was on his back, he came to Datta's ashram.  The monster was fascinated by the beautiful woman there.  Seeing Kanak and Kanta creates an illusion at the moment.  But those who do not forget to see them should feel free.  The eyes of the beautiful female demon sitting on the lap of the indescribable Datta were filled with eyes.  Then he became fascinated and lustful.  She left the gods because of her desire.  They thought we got this female gem without trying.  What a gem it is to get these gods weak.  They will come after us and they will surely die.  So he brought Shibika forward.  He lifted Datta on his lap and put her in a crib And the monster started running with Shibika's head.  God was watching neutrally. 

 Some could not speak.  Dutt said, "The demons have carried out sati. The biggest defect is the touch. In a moment he destroys the whole clan. The demons have committed a great sin. No great stigma has been inflicted.  She is sitting on the head of the demons, and she will come back from their mouths immediately. Now the demons are dead, and fight them.  Now you are the excuse. ”Hearing this promise of Sridatta, the gods took up arms and fought against the demons.  Someone broke his leg, someone broke his head.  Someone broke his arm and someone hit him on the back.  The gods angrily struck the giants with weapons and knocked them to the ground.

It is a great sin to approach a prostitute. So that stupid monster faded. The demons did not raise their hands when the gods were beating them. They forgot all their magic. By the grace of Shri, all the gods were victorious. All the demons died due to the influence on Sridatta. Then Shakti came back and sat on Datta's lap. She kissed them. Until God came back. They came and paid homage to Shridatta Charan. Then Dutt said, "You fought and defeated the demons. You fought a fierce battle and won a great victory by killing all the demons. Blessed are you God. You raised the flag of victory and saved my shame by freeing the woman. You are very brave. "The gods were astonished to hear Datta speak. Worshiping the Lord's footsteps, he said in a thunderous voice, "O Janardhana, salute you again and again. You seduce us by uttering sorcery. In fact, you are the one who makes us doers. This is not our power.

You took Jayashree from us the way the facilitator plays with a wooden doll. How much intelligence and power do we have? In spite of this, you saved us when you did not do any devotion. You are completely independent. So we have a special system. With karmasuta, you are tying us in a magic wand. We will not need your heart. So we will join hands with you and put your head at your feet and put your body on the ground. Praise be to God, who acts like a leopard and fears. You save those who beg you. You act like a mortal. You are always kind to everyone. Those who remove the defects of refuge, this is beautiful! Our greetings to you After praising him, Datta said with a happy heart, I'm glad you Ask for a gift though. Whom I am always close to. What my devotees lack. Then God humbly said, "If you are going to give us up, give us your loving devotion day and night." "Then Atreya Datta said tathastu. Then the crisis was averted without any solution.

Then the gods worshiped Datta's footsteps, meditated on him again and again in their minds, went to heaven and assumed their rights. "Yet Indra, with the gods, is happily coming to Yogindra's darshan with a passionate spirit. Gargamuni said," Your wish is right. You go to see Shri Datta. He will grant your wish. Undoubtedly, if the spirit holds his feet, where will the harm come from? This remedy is stated in the Vedas. Arjuna's heart melted when he heard Gargamuni talking. He became anxious and said to Gargamuni, "Muniraj, you are blessed. You are a sage. You created devotion and respect in my heart for Dattacharan. Bless me as I go. The only thing that worries me is the appearance of Datta. After saying Gargamuni Tathastu, Arjuna set out and reached the Sahyadri mountain alone. The water was flowing there. The air was calm. It felt cool. The cuckoos were singing softly. The trees were dense. The cow and the tiger were playing together, leaving their enmity behind.

Arjuna saw the sage's ashram in such a forest. The ashram was adorned like a paradise. Going there, he saw the position of Atrinandana. The king was overjoyed to see the footprints. Guru said to Deepak, "I am surprised to hear the description."